师资建设 - 师资建设——教师职责


PYP Teachers Job Description



  • Children Related与幼儿相关
  • Respect and love every child, be responsible for every child’s safety, stick to the safety regulations, prevent from any accident.



  • Stick to the education principles, respect the children, encourage the children’s learning desires, and forbid any corporal punishment or other abuse.


  • Organize children’s daily activity, and stick to the schedule.


  • Keep record of daily observation and analysis. Provide the evidence for showing the 5 elements in children’s portfolios.



  • Class Related与班级相关:
  • Decorate the learning corners according to each unit, and to encourage children’s inquiry desires.


  • Set up a quiet, comfortable, clean, and tidy environment, give the children the opportunity to dealt with both local and international issues.


  • Coordinate with other teachers and life teachers in all the classroom management.


  • Prior to any class outings, the class teachers should go to examine the venue to ensure its educational quality and safety.


  • If any child in your class has an injury and/or illness you are to contact the school nurse immediately.


  • Teachers are to keep daily attendance records and submit them to the school accountant on time.


  • Teachers are to keep records of children’s attendance at all school outings/special events. All materials/resources required for this outing must also be included on the form.



  • Parent Related与家长相关:
  • Teachers are to keep strong communication with the parents of all children in their class. This will include parents meetings, participation in class lessons and individual interview times.
  • Teachers should act in a polite and professional manner when dealing with parents. This includes communication via phone and email. If parents have concerns or complaints, teachers should handle these with care and consideration.


  • If a student is sick/absent from school the class teachers should contact the family to ask about the child’s condition.


  • When the children arrive at school the teachers should greet both parent and child in a warm manner. Teachers are not permitted to be doing paperwork at this time.


  • At the end of each term, the teachers will complete the VEO report card and comments regarding the child’s progress in class. Teachers will meet with each parent on an individual basis and discuss these reports in more detail.



  • Administration Related 与行政相关:
  • Teachers will follow all rules and regulations handed down by the administration of the VEO. Teachers are required to attend all special events.


  • At the end of each term all planners, comments and class records must be turned in to the school’s file room.


  • Teachers will remain professional at all times while on school grounds. Teaching times should be followed according to class schedules and any leave must be approved by the school administration.



  • Curriculum Related 与课程相关:
  • Teachers will use the school’s POI as well as the age of the children in order to create unit planners and daily lesson plans.


  • Lessons will be planned in accordance to the standards set forth by the PYP. Teachers will attend collaborative planning sessions with their grade levels and will complete reflections at the end of each unit of inquiry.


  • Teachers will take notes and keep records of all information gathered at workshops outside of the school. Teachers attending these workshops should arrive on time and refrain from leaving before the workshop has been completed. All teachers who have attended a workshop will present to the administration what they have learned.


  • All planners and teaching materials must be submitted on time to the appropriate parties. If a teacher wishes to alter their lesson plan they must inform the administration at least one day in advance.

在规定的时间内上交教案及其他资料. 一日活动组织原则上要遵照周计划开展。如果活动安排根据主体探究活动进程有变化,要提前一天告之业务园长.


  • Professional Development 职业发展相关:

◆ Teachers are to review all of the school’s policies and implement all guidelines within  them. Teachers will aid the PYP coordinator in reviewing and revising all policies.


◆ Teachers will continually work on improving their inquiry teaching skills.


  • Teachers will attend all staff training sessions as required by the school.